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I haven't had nearly as much time to study as I had hoped, but perhaps this next week I will. I'm still not settled on a topic. My reading lately has been about knowing, having read the questions on the soul's knowledge of self, separated substances, and how it know ls when itself separated. All of these I read with special attention to how individuals are known. The criteria he gave for know individuals after death were interesting. One must have prior knowledge, affection, natural relationships, or some divine dispensation. He doesn't give reasons for these, although it seemed a key text was Dives and Lazarus from st Luke. I have met some who think that story is only a myth and therefore disregard the particulars of it. I'm not sure how essential it for the arguments.

I also just obtained the part of the Summa in what a person is, so I'm going to start reading that. I have a couple friends who have been considering that question and hope to write a thesis on that topic.

I also the other day began rereading St. Paul. This for two reasons. I wanted to see his teaching on grace and a friend of mine is considering a thesis in the gifts associated with the charismatic renewal. One does not need an excuse to read st Paul. Some passages is still very difficult, and I have found st Thomas helpful with his commentaries.

Having just found articles about natural movement of the will, I may go back to considering nature. Also I have been reading a doctoral thesis on the common good and will soon join a seminar on the common good.

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