Friday, June 8, 2012

All right

All right, I suppose it works.

So I'm probably going to knock my last name off of my profile so that this isn't something that shows up when my name is searched. Not that I'm going to write anything off the wall, but it will be incomplete and unpolished. I'm also using my phone to type this so what can one expect?

Basically I just found myself without a computer or a notebook (what a situation), but I have this new-fangled phone. So I might as well use it to its fullest capacity. So I'll type in the word processor app I found and then just email post the final result to the blog.

What will I write about? Whatever. Lately I've been considering a possible thesis topic, though I've also been questioning the usefulness of speculative philosophy. In case some odd person is reading this, I ought to say that I am extremely fond of theoretical philosophy, and only question dedicating oneself to it given that the world seems to have greater needs in this age. Surely truth must have a dwelling among us and this will happen most effectively through diligent study.

I want to write about Newton and his account of motion and nature and forces. Also about Aristotle and the object. I also want to write about grace. How ill it is understood sometimes! People fall into extremes because the true position is perhaps too good to be true. I'm going to make dramatic claims like that without caring too much about what anyone thinks. This is basically my mobile notebook.

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