Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bible in 90 Days

Bible in 90 Days

I didn't realize it was a thing, but apparently there is a Protestant out there who read the Bible in three months and then developed what he calls the "Bible in 90 Days Challenge," and then many using his advice successfully finished this challenge. Well, I'm a little late to make it. I started my current read on April 26, so that leaves me about 4 days to finish...all the historical books after 2 Chr, all the prophets, all the wisdom books besides Psalms, and half of the New Testament. I'm also Catholic, so there are 7 more books in there than most are reading. My current goal is to finish by the end of August, when I will enter seminary. That means I will have to read a twelfth of the Bible each week, pretty much the same rate as the 90 day challenge (90/12=7.5).

Chronicles flew by, and with more understanding than ever, but I am not so sure the prophets will. I want especially to understand Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. I plan to get commentaries on these soon by Jerome, Cyril, and Gregory, but probably not until I finish my read-through. After I finish this and read handfuls of commentaries, I want to write a more formal instruction for reading Scripture. Augustine's is excellent but dated and difficult for many readers. I want everyone to read the Bible, the written word of God. Scott Hahn and many like him have done wonders for making it more intelligible for many, but I want to find a way that is closer to prayer. A lectio divina.

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