Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Basically a brainstorm

Basically a brainstorm

I haven't quite worked out the argument for the most important chunks of the thesis: explaining the relationship among the causes. As I'm beginning my study of metaphysics, I'm finding that this is precisely one of the great challenges of the metaphysician, so I'm somewhat worried about how to proceed, but I'll just try to avoid saying false things and not forget important points.

The order of causes will come up in two places: explaining God's creation and how it is distinct from natural/artistic changes; and then how God is himself a likeness of prime matter sufficient for knowing it. God and prime matter are alike insofar as they are first causes. But cause is said in many ways (this why the treatment of analogous names was given above). The word cause is not said wholly equivocally of efficient, material, formal, and final cause, rather they are said analogously: they are reducible or referable back to some first meaning. Although we first say cause about material (or efficient?) causality, it is final cause which is truly first among causes. It is the cause of causes. (Explain why final cause is first in artistic and natural happenings; then move on toward creation.)

I keep hesitating to get very specific, but I'll do it this weekend. In that place, I will only explain creation and why material causality is caused by God. Later in explaining how God knows it, I will look at that analogy. Then there is the section on knowing individuals. This can have a more detailed account of our cognition of them, which then extends to God's. This is only a that argument, the how will come later and be discussed according to the analogies among causes and also by looking at matter's disposition to form. Will that be enough? Maybe. I'll have to talk about the sort of likeness knowing requires. That could be tough, but not too much. I hope I'm not too vague in my approach to things, though I anticipate that criticism. All right, this weekend for sure. Being done will be great. I can probably look up Cajetan or Scotus on these matters and be ready for a more thorough elucidation at the defense. Pretty exciting!

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