Tuesday, August 14, 2012

St. Maximilian and Mary

St. Maximilian and Mary

Today is the memorial of St. Maximilian Kolbe and the vigil of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother. St. Maximilian would have loved to know that these dates coincide, such that a day in honor of him is cut off in the evening in order to honor the Virgin Mother of God.

This saint has been a major influence on my life, inflaming my desire to become a priest and to give myself more completely to the intercession of Our Lady. His entire life was informed by unceasing consecration to her and imitation of this is what brought me as far as I am in the spiritual life.

Only a couple years ago did I ever hear that anything he wrote caused controversy among theologians and since then I've been less zealous in my devotion to him, not that I do not hold him in great esteem, but only that I want to be more sure about those points that cause uncertainty. Much of his teaching on Mary is related to his understanding of the Trinity, a subject of study I have not spent time on since coming to TAC. Yet this next year, I will study what St. Thomas teaches and thus have the foundation to approach these mysteries with greater confidence. Much has been made (by certain Franciscans) about St. Kolbe's reliance on Bl. Scotus, thus I've spent time trying to understand Scotus. Although he is the champion of the Immaculate Conception, his philosophy seems lacking in some respects (my thesis will directly contradict certain doctrines of his).

All that put aside, I should continue to look on St. Maximilian as an exemplar of devotion to Mary and continue to seek his intercession as I move closer to the priesthood and the kingdom to come.

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